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Partnership Invite for the biggest Biosecurity Conference in Africa

Join us for the 10th African Conference on One Health and Biosecurity, a premier event in Africa's health security landscape. Organized by the esteemed Global Emerging Pathogens Treatment Consortium (GET) in collaboration with the Lagos State Ministry of Health, this conference stands as a beacon for addressing emerging global health security threats.

Bringing together policymakers, researchers, scientists, and industry leaders, GET Conference 2024 will host over 400 global participants from diverse backgrounds. From renowned scientists to entrepreneurial innovators, the conference provides a platform for meaningful dialogue and collaboration.

Africa's journey in health security from Ebola to COVID-19 highlights the critical need for fortification. Together, we will explore practical solutions and proactive measures to strengthen Africa's response to biothreats. Let's prioritize resilience and readiness to navigate future health crises effectively.

Partnership Invite

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