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GET Institute Of Biosecurity

GET Institute of Biosecurity would be focused on addressing the highest priority biological threats faced by Africa, regardless of their origin. With the support of the Health Sector and the government, the Institute would provide strategic direction over policy and technical solutions, along with national-level coordination and integration of expertise from a wide range of disciplines.

GET understanding the devastating impact that natural disease outbreaks can have on our health and economy saw the need for Africa to improve on the capacity for prevention and medical countermeasures during public health crises. Vulnerability to accidental and deliberate biological threats which consequences have worse risks than the ongoing pandemic cannot be overlooked while focusing on pandemic preparedness alone.

GET now operates firmly in the African Biosecurity and pandemic preparedness, space and functions as a think tank, providing high-level advocacy and the operational and necessary expertise to support Countries and communities to achieve improved resources to combat outbreaks and other public health emergencies that can threaten stability, peace and security thereby undermining economic growth and well being.

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